Fisher and Paykel CPAP machines are amongst the most popular CPAP equipment in several countries across the world. Fisher and Paykel are now recognized for their efforts to continuously provide better continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy products helps relieve obstructive sleep apnea and prevent temporary airway closure during sleep. CPAP machines are designed to deliver humidified airflow to patients during CPAP therapy.

Fisher and Paykel provide a range of CPAP machines, and accessories like humidifiers, pillows, pads and other equipment to make CPAP treatment effective and comfortable for patients. With manufacturing facilities at New Zealand and Mexico, Fisher and Paykel machines are retailed through CPAP clinics and other healthcare equipments providers making them easily accessible to patients everywhere. CPAP Machines

Some Fisher and Paykel CPAP machines that have received a great response are the SleepStyle 600 CPAP series with ThermoSmart Technology which provides optimal humidity for a comfort sleep. The ThermoSmart technology involves use of a unique heated breathing tube that allows higher, customized humidity levels which are not dependent on ambient temperature changes. Condensation is also prevented to ensure continuously effective CPAP delivery. In addition to great discounts you can avail on this machine you get a carry bag, 2 chambers, heated breathing circuit, water funnel and filter in your SleepStyle 600 set. Since many CPAP machines are not designed to be worn during sleep this is a great addition from Fisher and Paykel.

Another great product from the range of this machines and accessories is the HC150 humidifier with Ambient Tracking which balances humidity to compensate for fluctuations in room temperature, therefore ensuring that disruptive condensation is minimized. It works with any CPAP machine in the market to ensure CPAP treatment remains effective even in changing conditions.

Yet another great product from this machines is the F&P Icon which comes with a range of features to make CPAP therapy effective. These include; ThermoSmart Technology, Auto-Adjusting Pressure, Efficacy Reporting, Compliance Reporting, Smart Stick, SensAwake, Proportional Ram, Auto-Altitude Adjusting Leak Compensation Clock and Alarm Tunes and Infomart Technologies.

This CPAP products are known as much for their service and customer satisfaction as for their effectiveness in CPAP therapy. Fisher and Paykel offer warranty and service for their products in several countries and you can custom order, have home fitting sessions and trials before you purchase your products. Remember to talk to your health care provider about any discomfort you may face like bleeding, congestion or loud volumes of the machine and check out the range of accessories.

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