The Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with a lot of hype surrounding it. There is the Exynos version and a Windows interface. The difference between these two is that the Exynos software runs on Windows OS. Hence, if you are planning on the upgrade to Windows based software, then the Galaxy A12 should be your best bet.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 s visual appeal is nothing short of being gorgeous. Its look is very much like the iPhone but slimmer and sleeker. If you have an eye for aesthetics, then you would have noticed the iPhone before even seeing the handset. The only thing that can make the iPhone appear similar to the Galaxy A12 is the similarities in features and the user interface. The touch screen of the phone does not allow for any appreciable navigation, however, the keyboard is decent and there are various text options on the handset. The Samsung galaxy a12 s visual quality does not compare to its iPhone counterparts, however, the better the camera, the better the picture quality. Galaxy A12

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy A12 is commendable and it lasts till the end of the night. It does not disappoint in the performance stakes as well. The device comes with a fast charging capability and it also comes with an inbuilt accelerometer, so you can record video clips with ease. You can use the device even while you are sleeping as long as you have a good screen lock. Apart from that, the device is protected by a warranty and you can get it on online mobile stores at a really low price.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 review would be incomplete without mentioning the user interface of the gadget. This is the most intuitive mobile phone interface that you will ever find on any other smartphone device. If you are a fan of smooth UI’s, this one should suit you very well. Mediatek skin gives the Samsung Galaxy A12 an enhanced and unique appeal. The device comes with a lot of unique features that make it different than any other device in the market.

The realme 7 preinstalled with the Samsung Galaxy A12 is one of the best phones preinstalled by any manufacturer that offers cheap and affordable handsets. Apart from this, you can also avail the amazing freebie on preinstalled software programs that come along with the devices like dialer, music player and messaging platform. You can get the realme 7 with Samsung Galaxy A12 or Poco X3 NFC if you buy the handset through online mobile stores. If you are looking for a versatile device that does not lose the charm when it comes to power, features and looks then you should definitely consider the Samsung Galaxy A12.

A Samsung Galaxy A12 review will tell you the benefits of the handsets and their unique features. You can get to know all about the best mobile phones that have won multiple awards when you read the realme 7 preinstalled with the device. You can buy these preinstalled devices from a retail store or online and you can also avail the benefits of low prices. The devices are also offered as a combo so that you can save money and buy the best and unique handset.

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