Theivo X60 is a big, flagship smartphone and although it doesn’t have all the features you’d expect from such a range-topper these days (like Qi wireless charging, a super-high-end screen and strong IP-rates for water and dust resistance), the X60 Pro+ manages to make up for it with everything else that comes in its package. For a start, the phone has a huge, 5.5″ capacitive Super AMOLED Plus HD capacitance display which looks fantastic. It’s also got a front-mounted fingerprint scanner which is located just below the home button, so it’s easy to just swipe your finger over the sensor to turn the phone on. Other great features include a physical memory expandable option which allows you to add more storage to your phone and a huge 2 megapixel camera lens which takes great pictures. vivo x60

As it is, the Vivo X60 only has a single band GSM carrier in it, but thanks to the excellent SIM tray it can support two different T-mobile SIM cards if required. With the large display you’d expect from such a phone you’ll appreciate the vibrant coloration of the screen, but unfortunately the panel itself isn’t particularly clear. This is a minor gripe, however, as the brightness of the screen is sufficient for browsing the web or checking emails, but it’s not great when you want to take photos. You can increase the brightness with an easy switch, but if you want true photo quality then you’ll need to invest in a screen protector.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Vivo X60 pro is its high-speed capture mode, which allows you to quickly shoot a video without waiting for the camera to boot up. This is done through the use of 5-axis video stabilization which works exceptionally well to help you capture moving images. There is no optical zoom on offer, which is a shame, as this would have made this phone a lot more desirable. I am sure though that the lack of optical zoom is perfect for someone wanting to use the Vivo X60 as a professional level photographic device. Other good things about the Vivo X60 are the loud and clear audio from the speakers, the large LCD which is certainly bright and crisp, and the high-end connectivity which includes a USB port and a headphone jack.

The OtterBox Defender Case for the Vivo X60 is well built, and although it doesn’t quite offer the same high resolution as the camera’s housing, it certainly feels solid and well constructed. The back casing of the phone also looks good, and is protected by a scratch resistant crystal layer. Despite this good exterior the Vivo X60’s inside is what is important, as it allows you to capture stunning images with high resolution, and a high degree of editing flexibility. The software available to users of the Vivo X60 is very good, with many being able to edit and adjust images captured using the rear LED flash, as well as shoot in full resolution.

One of the most useful features of the Vivo X60 is the ability to use both the camera itself as well as the Otg button which acts as a backlight when recording videos. This is achieved with the use of two separate but perfectly paired 2.5 inch screen pods which light up when pressed. This dual functionality of the handset is also found in many other leading mobiles like the iPhone and Nokia E71. In addition to this neat function the Vivo X60 also features a fingerprint scanner which can automatically lock the camera on a photo or video. This is done by detecting your finger print and before long you will have access to a wide array of different functions which would otherwise be impossible to activate using a fingerprint.

Despite being one of the biggest selling smartphones on the market the Vivo X60 does not stand out from the crowd. Its design is similar to many of the leading smartphones on the market and is available in a choice of five colors. This is made it a highly desirable device for consumers. If you are looking for a smartphone which has everything you could possibly need from your smartphone then the Vivo X60 should be considered. With a powerful camera system, a vivid screen which is easy to use and a multitude of different features to boast about the Vivo X60 really is one of the best smartphones you could get.

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